Youth Camps

Teen Camp
(July 21-28)
Cost: $230
For teens ages 13 to 18. Here at Teen Camp, we create a safe environment for campers to connect with their friends, their leaders, and ultimately with God through incredible worship, engaging teaching, and focused small group materials. We offer a variety of fun activities each day from team competitions, games, basketball, volleyball, crafts, a swimming pool, and more.

Junior Camp
(July 14-19)
Cost: $200
For boys and girls 9 to 12 years. Yeah! they’re finally old enough for camp (sometimes I think the parents are saying this just as much as the kids!) Where do they get all that energy from they never walk! We keep them very busy with lots of games and swimming. Snack Shack time is usually a big hit for this age group. Every night they have a service with music and a talk that is geared especially to their age group. They are tired at the end of the week but boy did they have fun!

(July 7-13)
Cost: $225
A discipleship camp for serious, committed, Christian kids ages 14 to 18 years. A lot of time is spent on in depth bible study and spiritual growth with their own worship team and nightly services but it’s not all work. Kids have a great time with the MACC bowl and MACC Café’ too. Kids learn how to live a committed Christian life in the real world and it’s such a blessing to them when they realize that they’re not alone and they have new and old friends who are also living for Jesus everyday.

Mini Camp
(*July 2020)
Cost: $50
For the kiddos who are 7 & 8 years old who wanna be just like the big kids! It’s a chance for them to practice going to camp so when they turn 9 years old and it’s time for Junior Camp they’ll know what to expect. They do all the same things the older camps do just in a shorter time period. Bible study, games, pool time etc. They love it! And “Teddy” is welcome to come along to keep them company for bed time!!

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